Complete Android E-Commerce App with Admin Panel

In this video, you’ll learn how to make an e-Commerce application with Admin Panel & API’s. This complete video will guide both beginner and experienced programmers through the process of creating their own e-Commerce application. The best part of this tutorial is that we will be setting up an admin panel for managing the application, and even if you don’t have any server you will be able to setup admin panel offline and connect with Emulators or Mobile Phones for free. It will make it easier for developers to learn and earn. In a month, this type of app can receive 100,000 downloads.

⭐ Course Contents ⭐

➡️ (0:00:00) Introduction

➡️ (0:01:39) Application Demo

➡️ (0:06:45) Setting up Android Studio Project

➡️ (0:07:40) Design Layouts & Adapters

➡️ (1:06:00) Understanding & Implementing APIs

➡️ (1:58:00) Designing & Implementing Cart System

➡️ (2:51:00) Developing Checkout System & Payment Gateways

➡️ (3:44:00) Implementing Search Products & Category wise Products

➡️ (3:55:00) Learning about Server Setup

Source Code:

Constants.Java File:

Postman Collection:

SQL File:

Used Libraries:

Material Search Bar:

Rounded Image View:


Android Volley:

Tiny Cart:

Advanced Webview:

Free SVG Icons:

Gradient Collection:

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